The price of our services can only be specified after we learn the customer's needs and the nature of his product.
To give you a fair idea of what it could cost:

1. We will be your exclusive distributor

We are happy to become your sole distributor. If you have a product that has the potential to achieve a monthly turnover of at least 50.000 EUR / month with a possible margin of 25% for us, you will pay nothing. You will help us with technical issues and help us create a business strategy for the market

2. We will establish a joint venture

Establishing a company, handling all related administration and finding suitable business premises    1.500 – 3.000 EUR


Finding a suitable team colleague    400 – 8.000 EUR


Costs per employee (wages, social and health insurance, travel expenses, work equipment, work car)    2.200 – 5.600 EUR / month


Overhead costs for the operation of the company    1.700 – 4.100 EUR / month

We will share the costs and revenues according to our shares.


3. We will only provide individual activities for your subsidiary

Establishment of a company:    1.300 EUR

Includes the establishment of a limited liability company, preparation of a contract, appointment of directors, and registration in the Commercial Register.

Finding suitable business premises:    1.200 EUR

Includes a real estate agency request according to the client's requirements, tours of the premises, selection of the most suitable offer, and negotiating contract documentation for the rent.

Ensuring a declaration of conformity, product certification    400 – 8.000 EUR


Recommendation of suitable candidates for staffing

Includes the pre-selection of candidates, interviews with candidates meeting the assignment, and selecting two to four candidates, from which the start-up can choose the most suitable ones.

Administrative employees:    900 EUR


Salesman or manager:    6.000 EUR


Provision of IT support:    400 EUR / month

Includes PC and peripheral maintenance, software management, network management, antivirus protection, email functionality, data archiving

Bookkeeping:    200 EUR / month + 0,30 EUR per item

Includes the acquisition of documents in the system, the issuance of tax documents, the accounting of bank movements, the preparation of annual financial statements, VAT-related administration.

Reporting:    400 EUR / month

Includes a monthly report on earnings and working capital in centers and contracts, as well as a comparison with the plan.

Other professional activities:    100 EUR / hour


Other administrative activities:    50 EUR / hour