Forms of cooperation

Sales representative

If you would prefer to only have sales person here without significant investments, we will be your sales representatives for the Czech and Slovak markets.

We will search for customers with your name and on your account. We will always respect your terms and conditions. The ownership of goods goes directly from you to the end customers.


Exclusive distributor

If you would prefer to leave everithing to us, we will be your exclusive distributor for the Czech and Slovak market. This means that:
  • We will translate your documentation necessary to sell the product into Czech and Slovak. We will adapt the documentation to legislative requirements.
  • We will find and address end customers. After consulting with you, we will choose a marketing strategy.
  • We will make sure you comply with the administrative requirements that are required by law.
  • We will provide communication with the end customer, you will not be burdened by common business correspondence. You will only take care of the important things.
  • We will prepare the reports you will need or that your shareholders require.
  • We will take care of receivables for end customers.
We will cover the costs associated with expanding to the new markets with a commission from the sales of the product, it will not cost you anything.


Joint venture

If you prefer to have all processes under control, we will establish a joint venture.

The joint venture will take care of selling your product in the Czech and Slovak markets, and other EU markets where you are not present. We will set up a strong team for our joint venture. We will divide the costs and revenues of our joint venture according to our shares.


Set up a subsidiary

If you prefer to have everything in your own hands, we will help you set up your subsidiary in the Czech Republic.

You can choose what you want to arrange for yourself and what you will leave up to us. The costs and revenues of the subsidiary are all yours, we will just provide the selected services.


Send us the basic info about your product and a link to your website, and we will prepare an offer directly for you.

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